Behold Phase 2 Of The Poster Posse’s Tribute To Vertigo’s “Monsters: Dark Continent”


Yesterday we gave you your first look at our officially licensed project with Vertigo Films for “Monsters: Dark Continent” and today we are back with more alien madness for Phase 2 of the project.  Here is what Director Tom Green had to say about the film.

“Dark Continent explores war within the theme of…

Tim Anderson Releases A New Set Of Letterpress Art Prints Called “Arm-nold Schwarzenegger”

Tim Anderson has an affinity towards Schwarznegger films and today, Wednesday, April 8th he is releasing all new letterpress art prints that pay tribute to 3 of the Austrian actor’s films.  Here is what Tim had to say about the release.

I’m releasing a series of limited edition letterpress art prints called “Arm-nold Schwarzenegger”, each one…