The Poster Posse Serves Up 3 New Prints For Dark Hall Mansion’s “Twilight Zone” Series

“This is the way nightmares begin – or, perhaps, end.”

Last year, Dark Hall Mansion launched an officially licensed series of prints for the original, 1959, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, suspense series, “The Twilight Zone.”  The brain-child of Rod Serling, “The Twilight Zone” was one of TV’s most successful series and is still beloved by fans today.…

Andrew Swainson Releases A “Killer” New Print With Fright Rags

The Ghoulish Gurus over at Fright Rags have just released a slew of new items based on the 1988 sci-fi, horror, cult classic, “Killer Klowns From Outer Space.”  One of the items is a great new poster by Andrew Swainson.

“Killer Klowns” by Andrew Swainson
18″ X 24″ Screenprint
Limited Edition Run of 150
Officially licensed
Click Here To Purchase


Andy Fairhurst’s Latest Collectible Ticket At Regal Cinemas Is For Disney’s “Alice Through The Looking Glass”

Last month we unveiled the first two, (ZOOTOPIA & JUNGLE BOOK) in a series of collectible IMAX tickets, designed by Poster Posse artist, Andy Fairhurst.  Fans snatched up Andy Fairhurst’s tickets on each of the opening days and today we get to show you his next collectible ticket.  Regal Cinemas has just revealed the next offering in…

Daniel Nash Pays Tribute To The Human Condition With His New Print: ” Magic Bus Day”

U.K. artist, Daniel Nash’s newest print is inspired by the book “Into The Wild” which documents the real life story of Christopher McCandless.  Here is what Daniel has to say about the project.
I was inspired to do this print as Christopher McCandless’s story really speaks to me. His gutsy decision to discard the constructs of modern…

“May The 4th Be With You”: A Plethora Of Posters By The Poster Posse

May the 4th is a chance for Star Wars fans everywhere to geek out and stock up on some merchandise from their favorite franchise.  I’m pretty sure that the amount of Star Wars merch purchased today would stagger and boggle the mind.  Here are a few intergalactic offerings from the Poster Posse in a galaxy…

This Is IT! Phase 4 Of Our Tribute To Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

“I know we’re not perfect but the safest hands are still our own.”

As expected, Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” is crushing it at the box office overseas.  After speaking to the Posse’s Euro brethren who have seen the film, it’s getting two thumbs up, 100% approval and guaranteed multiple viewings by each member that has…

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” Behold Phase 3 Of Our Tribute To Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

“What do we do?  We FIGHT!”

Thanks to all who have checked out PHASE 1 and PHASE 2 of our tribute to Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.”  Like many of you we can’t WAIT to see this one on the big screen and after hearing how one of the film’s stars describes it, we are even…

Phase 2 Of Our Tribute To Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” Continues The Countdown To May 6th

Yesterday we gave you phase one of our tribute to “Captain America: Civil War” and y’all really seemed to like it so today we are back to tickle your inner-geek with phase 2.  There are currently only 39 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but the film is already getting a 97% approval rating which, as you…

The Poster Posse Asks, “Whose Side Are You On?” In Pt.1 Of Our Tribute To Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

“We need to be put in check, whatever form that takes, I’m game…”

One of our most anticipated films of 2016 is Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.”  We were blown away at the job done by the Russo brothers for “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” so when we heard they were taking on “Civil War” we rejoiced.…