The Poster Posse is a passionate collective of artists from all over this big blue marble we live on. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients, exceed their expectations, and deliver images that resonate with the masses to get people talking, sharing, and craving more. We have worked with film studios and other clients by creating unique art that enhances their marketing and social media campaigns. From limited edition, collectible fine art prints to key art, our mission is to create “highly desirable art” . (Actually, #highlydesirableart is kind of our social media battle cry).

Aside from our artistic endeavors, we’re very keen on, and understand the importance of, social media and the role it plays in promoting properties for our clients. Poster Posse has its own fan following and we can add some serious “street cred” to your marketing efforts. If there is a project that calls for creativity, teamwork, and imagination, along with some good ol’ fashion fun, then we’re the answer.

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