Marie Bergeron Will “Feed Your Fear” With Her Tribute Print To NBC’s “Hannibal”

“Feed your fear….”

Although the series received critical acclaim, the ratings were such that NBC opted to walk away after 3 years.  Fans who DID watch the show begged, pleaded and even circulated petitions for the studio to bring it back but alas…it was officially laid to rest. (Watch the series trailer below and you’ll be…

Andy Fairhurst Unleashes Hell With A Creepy Private Commission Print For “The Omen”

“Those who foretold it are dead…those who can stop it are in grave danger…”

(Original Tom Jung poster)
Since 1976, “The Omen” has been a legendary supernatural-horror flick that has terrorized people all over the globe.  Directed by Richard Donner and starring Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and Harvey Spencer Stephens as young “Damien“, the film was scored…