Paul Shipper Get’s Dark With His Official Poster For The Psychological Thriller: “Strangers”

After humiliating his date Iris Garret (BARBARA MEIER), Donovan Price (MICHEL SCHUELER) awakes the next morning to face an unusual darkness. He is locked up in his barricaded apartment with no chance of escaping. And he is not alone. Donovan sees himself confronted with four masked strangers, who invaded his home with unknown intentions. Sounds…

Orlando Arocena’s “AdobeMAX Brave Leon” Print Is A Stunning Tribute Supporting Adobe, Lee Hirsch And “The Bully Project”

Poster Posse member Orlando Arocena is a brilliant vector artist.  His work is riveting, compelling, unique, awe-inspiring and many more complimentary adjectives.  This is probably why Adobe commissioned him to come up with the image for their new splash page.

Adobe flew Orlando out to their Adobe MAX creativity conference to take in all the new goodies…

And So It Begins….Marvel Drops Their Trailer For “Avengers Age Of Ultron” & The First Poster Is Already Up

“No Strings On Me”

If we are being totally honest with you, we spent the better part of last night watching and rewatching and rewatching and rewatching… the first trailer for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.”  The tone, desperation, action and of course, James Spader, all combined perfectly to leave us geeking out into the wee…

Doaly’s Obsession With Bungie’s “Destiny” Pays Off With A Pristine Print: “Map of the Heaven”

We were hooked on the Bungie video game “Destiny” as soon as we started seeing the first images.  The characters and backdrops looked absolutely amazing.  Really rich, vivid and futuristic, everything we were hoping and looking for.

However, when THIS live action spin-off trailer hit the web, we couldn’t WAIT to play it!  (It didn’t…

EXCLUSIVE: Geek Art & French Paper Art Club Partner With Florey For Their Next Officially Licensed Batman Print

This year French pop culture site Geek Art joined forces with French Paper Art Club to offer fans a slew of officially licensed prints featuring everyone’s favorite crime fighter, Batman. Let’s face it, The Dark Knight deserves ALL the accolades he has been receiving this year. Ever vigilant, always protective, he has earned the mantel of the World’s Greatest Detective and the fact that he has been at it for 75 years now is a true testament to his appeal.

Candykiller Releases His Stunning 35th Anniversary Commemorative Print For Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi Classic: “Alien”

Like many of us, Scottish artist Brian Taylor, AKA “Candykiller” is a HUGE fan of Ridley Scott’s films.  Brian’s past work on “Alien” and “Blade Runner” are exquisite and now he has a tribute piece to mark the 35th anniversary of a movie we STILL love to watch.

Here is what Brian had…

Available NOW! “This Baby’s Got A Few Surprises Left In Her, Sweetheart” By Chris Skinner

With the next Star Wars movie currently filming and folks already ravenous for ANYTHING related to a galaxy far, far, away, U.K. artists Chris Skinner has come up with another brilliant, must-have print in his ongoing, Star Wars inspired series.  The new print features everyone’s favorite “piece of junk” but like the vehicle portrayed, this print’s…