Chris Skinner Shows Us What Stormtroopers Do In Their Off-Time With A New Star Wars Print: “For The Empire”

Let’s face it, ruling the galaxy is a tough job. World’s to take over, insurgents to beat down, and don’t even get us started with Darth Vader’s mood swings.  Stormtroopers are caught in the middle of a lot of stressful and dangerous situations so it makes sense that they need to let loose when they have…

Part 2 Of The Poster Posse’s Horror Print Gallery Brings More Gore To Your Walls

Yesterday we showed you a batch of horror prints by various Poster Posse members and today we are back with even more dark, disturbing, petrifying prints.  Today we are featuring the art of Poster Posse members: JP Valderrama, John Aslarona, Juan Hugo Martinez, Linda Hordijk, Marko Manev and Matt Needle.
Again, simply click the links below…

EXCLUSIVE: Geek Art & French Paper Art Club Partner With Florey For Their Next Officially Licensed Batman Print

This year French pop culture site Geek Art joined forces with French Paper Art Club to offer fans a slew of officially licensed prints featuring everyone’s favorite crime fighter, Batman. Let’s face it, The Dark Knight deserves ALL the accolades he has been receiving this year. Ever vigilant, always protective, he has earned the mantel of the World’s Greatest Detective and the fact that he has been at it for 75 years now is a true testament to his appeal.

Candykiller Releases His Stunning 35th Anniversary Commemorative Print For Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi Classic: “Alien”

Like many of us, Scottish artist Brian Taylor, AKA “Candykiller” is a HUGE fan of Ridley Scott’s films.  Brian’s past work on “Alien” and “Blade Runner” are exquisite and now he has a tribute piece to mark the 35th anniversary of a movie we STILL love to watch.

Here is what Brian had…