AMC’s First Trailer For “Preacher” Left Us Craving MORE!

“It’s about my Dad, I want you to hurt’em…”
“How hurt you want’em?….”

When AMC announced that they would be launching a new series based off the comic book series, “Preacher,” die-hard fans rejoiced.  I mean, why not?  AMC has done an absolutely sensational job bringing Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” from the printed page to television…


Rich Davies Will Have You Howling At The Moon With These Amazing Tributes To Some Of Horror’s Most Iconic Characters

This is it…..spookiest of the spooky, creepiest of the creepy…..Halloween is finally upon us.  Costumes, haunted houses, carved pumpkins and of course….lots of candy will be in full affect this evening.  U.K. artist Rich Davies has added two new prints to his sensational tribute series that pays tribute to some of the biggest and baddest…


Simon Delart Says “THIS IS HALLOWEEN” With A Sensational New Print For “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

“I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright!”
-Oogie Boogie

Suffice to say, Tim Burton’s masterpiece, the 1993 classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” ranks in our top tier of favorite films of all time. Burton’s stop motion, dark fantasy combined with Danny Elfman’s incredible score make a perfect…


The Poster Posse & Le Café Pixel Gallery Invade Hero Festival In Marseille, France With “Star Wars: An Art Odyssey”

“In a country, not so far away….”
Yesterday, Hero Festival released the first poster celebrating “Star Wars: An Art Odyssey” which will be featured prominently at their event in Marseille, France.  “Star Wars: An Art Odyssey” is a fantastic, officially licensed collaboration between Le Café Pixel Gallery, Acme Archives, Lucasfilm and the Poster Posse and will feature…