Robert Bruno Unleashes A Plethora Of Sensational Portraits

Brooklyn artist Robert Bruno has been on a tear this year and he has just released an amazing portrait series over on his BEHANCE PAGE.  There are nine total along with three new ones featuring three of New York’s finest celebrities: Robert De Niro, Billy Joel and funny man Billy Crystal.  As Robert describes it, these are “an assortment of…


Johnny Dombrowski Re-imagines The Cover To Harlan Ellison’s “Dangerous Visions” For Sci Fi Now’s Book Club

Back in 1967 author Harlan Ellison released a ground-breaking science fiction short story anthology called “Dangerous Visions.”  A path-breaking collection, Dangerous Visions helped define the New Wave science fiction movement, particularly in its depiction of sex in science fiction.  It’s been said that Dangerous Visions “almost single-handedly changed the way readers thought about science fiction.”

(Original first edition cover)
The list of the…