Orlando Arocena Helps Marvel Announce The “Guardians of the Galaxy” Blu-ray Release With 2 Amazing Sugar Skull Images of Starlord & Gamora!

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” was an an absolute juggernaut at the box office this summer and now Marvel has announced the release dates for fans to have it in their homes, JUST in time for the holidays.  As an added bonus, Poster Posse member Orlando Arocena has done two sensational Dio De Los Muertos inspired images of…


Orlando Arocena’s “AdobeMAX Brave Leon” Print Is A Stunning Tribute Supporting Adobe, Lee Hirsch And “The Bully Project”

Poster Posse member Orlando Arocena is a brilliant vector artist.  His work is riveting, compelling, unique, awe-inspiring and many more complimentary adjectives.  This is probably why Adobe commissioned him to come up with the image for their new splash page.

Adobe flew Orlando out to their Adobe MAX creativity conference to take in all the new goodies…