Art Habens Interviews Croatian Artist Kresimir Cuk …aka VAST

Recently The Poster Posse added a new artist to the roster, Kresimir Cuk, AKA “Vast.”  Vast is a digital artist from Zagreb, Croatia who creates atmospheric graphics through digital collages, intertwined with vector graphics.  His first project with us was for our recent tribute to “Ghost in the Shell.“ (See below)


(Detail shots)

Recently, Vast was interviewed…


Go To A Faraway Land & See Incredible Creatures With “Born In China” By Disneynature

“Epic Beauty”
“Hidden Majesty”
“Endless Wonder”

Pandas, Golden Monkeys and Snow Leopards, OH MY!  On April 21st, Disneynature will take you and your family on an incredible journey, deep into China for their fascinating new documentary, “Born In China.”  To celebrate this incredible film, The Poster Posse was commissioned to create some images featuring the stars of the…


The Poster Posse Loves Women…

…and to SHOW that love and respect, we did a month long tribute during “Women’s History Month” in March.  We invited guest artists to help us celebrate brilliant, gifted, inspirational, funny, women from real life and the pop culture world.  The end result was a lot of fantastic images that we shared throughout the month…


Tom Miatke Taps Into Disney’s Renaissance Era With A Private Commission Poster For “Aladdin”

“10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!”

Disney’s 31st animated feature, 1992’s “Aladdin,” still manages to put smiles on fans faces some 25 years later.  Winning two Academy Awards (and several others) it features the considerable voice talents of Gilbert Godfried, and the sensational Robin Williams.  Tom Miatke recently revealed a private…