Ok, let’s get back to some more amazing Batman art. First up is a stunning piece by Andrew Swainson!



Andrew Swainson – U.K.  This one screams 1939 and it’s hard to believe that it ISN’T a vintage print.

Chris Skinner – U.K.




Chris Skinner – U.K. (Variant) 


Doaly – U.K.  “For the two main pieces I wanted to visualise the cover of an original Batman graphic novel that looked closer upon the triggers that made the man.”


Doaly – U.K.


David Brener – U.S.A. (Guest artist)  David has been a huge supporter of the Poster Posse with his website, I GOT BIRDS and on his podcasts.  We asked him about  the Batman mythos and here is what he had to say.  “Being a long-time comic book collector, Batman has always appealed to me ever since Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. I like the grim and gritty take on Batman as a character, and being that he is someone who is obviously VERY psychologically tortured, the darker Batman is a wonderful way for creators
to let their minds run wild with dangerous scenarios in which to place him. To me, Batman was never this shining protector of Gotham. He was and still is an unstable individual who fights on the side of good. He’s obsessive, and I like that about him. My take on Batman comes from the idea that his cape could be a living thing. Surrounding him, cloaking him, and becoming almost an entity of it’s own. I like the fact that the viewer can’t be certain if Batman is emerging from his cape, or from the darkness enveloping him. Happy 75th Anniversary, Batman! Here’s to all the writers and illustrators who have added so much to the mythos that is The Dark Knight.



Paul Ainsworth – Canada  “Salvador Anguiano and I are huge McFarlane fans so we were swapping ideas along the way. The cape is a direct nod to Todd haha God I hate rhyming.”  Here are a couple of shots of Paul’s W.I.P.S. and I’d have to say that McFarlane DOES do the best capes….










Decay” by Orlando Arocena – U.S.A.


“Black Mask” by Luke Butland – U.K.  “It has been 75 years of the Bat and over that time he has faced of against some of the most iconic villains in comic book history. These villains have helped mould and shape the Batman universe into what it is today, They have broke him, beat him and in some cases loved him. With this series I wanted to focus on these villains and give each of them the spotlight in their own individual prints. I give you The Rogues of Gotham City !!”


“Riddler” by Luke Butland – U.K.


Florey – Australia

Marie Bergeron – Canada


Juan Hugo Martinez – U.S.A.   “Batman 75 years. This was such a great opportunity to to pay an homage to one of my favorite and ultimate comic characters. My main focus was to adapt everyone in a whole different way, while using inspiration from all the comics,animated series,films through out the 75 years of existence.”


Joe Vetoe – U.S.A.


Jed Thomas – U.S.A. (Guest Artist) 


Jed Thomas – U.S.A. (Guest Artist)


Erin Gallagher – U.S.A. 


There you have it, Phase 4 is complete which means there is only one left to go.  Be sure to come back tomorrow for our final salvo of art.  This last offering is gong to be big so get ready!  Also, if you missed anything, go back and check out the OTHER phases!

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