Brooklyn artist Robert Bruno has been on a tear this year and he has just released an amazing portrait series over on his BEHANCE PAGE.  There are nine total along with three new ones featuring three of New York’s finest celebrities: Robert De Niro, Billy Joel and funny man Billy Crystal.  As Robert describes it, these are “an assortment of both commercial and personal projects dealing with the human face, expression, and emotion.”  He has brilliantly captured the essence of each person or character that they play.


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CLICK HERE to head over to his BEHANCE PAGE and check out more amazing portraits including Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Jeff Bridges as The Big Lebowski, Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy and more.  Be sure to follow Robert on TWITTER to stay up to date on upcoming releases and gallery shows.  While you are at it, head over to his OFFICIAL STORE to pick up some of these awesome prints.

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