Let’s face it, when Stanley Kubrick released “2001: A Space Odyssey” back in 1968, it was WAAAAAAY ahead of its time.  Kubrick directed, produced and collaborated on the screenplay for this sci-fi masterpiece and it is STILL considered one of the best science fiction films ever created.  50 years ago today, the film was released in the United States and today we are paying homage to it’s magnificence with a poster tribute.

The line up for this tribute includes Poster Posse Pros: Chris Malbon, John Hughes, Matt Needle, Orlando Arocena, Rafal Rola, and Tracie Ching.  We were fortunate to have some fantastic guest artists join us including: Adam Cockerton, Alberto Reyes Francos, Dakota Randall, Dave O’Flanagan, SG Posters, Adam Stothard and Scott Woolston.

From the opening scene in the Paleolithic Era to HAL’s soothing yet disturbing voice throughout the film, this movie has stood the test of time and still bewilders fans all over the world to this day.

Image by Poster Posse Pro Chris Malbon


Image by guest artist Dave O’Flanagan


Image by Poster Posse Pro Orlando Arocena



Image by guest artist Dakota Randall


Image by Poster Posse Pro Rafal Rola


Image by guest artist Adam Cockerton



Image by Poster Posse Pro John Hughes


Image by guest artist Scott Woolston


Image by guest artist SG Posters



Image by guest artist Alberto Reyes Francos


Image by Poster Posse Pro Matt Needle


Image by guest artist Adam Cockerton

Images by guest artist Adam Stothard



Images by Poster Posse Pro Tracie Ching


  1. FATE

    Will you sell these posters? This poster by Scott Woolston is so beautiful ,I really like this poster he did,where can I buy this poster?I hope you can reply to me. Thanks

    • Don Thompson

      We believe that Scott is selling it over on his own site….

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