Don’t Breathe


Sony Home Entertainment


Digital marketing campaign to promote the Blu-ray/ DVD release of the film.

Poster Posse Artists:

Paul Ainsworth, Luke Butland, Doaly, Salvador Anguiano


Don’t Breath is a 2016 American psychological thriller directed by Fede Alvarez, written by Alvarez and Rodo Savages.  Hoping to walk away with a massive fortune, a trio of thieves break into the house of a blind man who isn’t as helpless as he seems.  The film received largely positive critical reviews and grossed over $157 million.

Mr. Alvarez fell in love with one of our posters in particular, so the studio requested permission to make some prints, which, at his request, were printed in the extra large theater size, signed by Mr. Alvarez and one returned to PP headquarters and artist, Paul Ainsworth.